Controversy: Enugu Girls Top Sex Workers

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Which of the Nigerian states has the highest number of commercial sex workers in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital? That is the question a P.M.NEWS correspondent took time to provide answer after carrying out a survey in the city in the past three years.

Prowling clubs, red light districts and some of the major brothels in and around the city, P.M.NEWS reporter took a rough census of prostitutes and their states of origin.

Our investigations, which is based on random sampling and may be termed controversial, revealed that ladies from Enugu State constitute the highest number of sex workers in Abuja.

Enugu is followed by Abia, Benue, Edo, Oyo, Kwara, Hausa and Delta states in that order.  Akwa Ibom state seems to have the least number of sex workers.

P.M.NEWS investigations revealed for instance that 50 percent of ladies engaged in prostitution at the popular Rita Lori Hotel in Garki area of Abuja are from Enugu State. This is followed by Oyo (30 percent),  Edo (15 percent), while Hausa/Fulani girls constitute 5 percent of this number.

Also, at another popular red light district called Lagos Street, over 40 percent of the prostitutes are of the Hausa/Fulani stock. They are mostly divorcees or married women. This is followed by  Kwara (20 percent) Enugu (30 percent) Oyo (5 percent) and Benue (5 percent).

At another popular nite club operating in Wuse 2 area of Abuja,  Enugu with  40 percent of the sex workers tops the list of those plying their trade at the location. With  30 percent, ladies from Abia State constitute the second highest number followed by Benue (10 percent), Edo (5 percent) and Oyo (5 percent).

At the red light district around Ibiza night club also in area 11, the percentages of the prostitutes include Enugu (40 percent),  Abia (20 percent), Delta (20 percent), Edo (5 percent), Oyo (5 percent), Hausa/Fulani (5 percent) and Benue (5 per cent).

At the red light district in the Apo Mechanic area, the percentages of the ladies of easy virtue according to their states of origin are Enugu (50 percent), Benue (30 percent), Abia (10 percent), Edo and Delta (10 percent)

In the Jabi area of the city, P.M.NEWS investigations revealed that about 40 percent of the ladies involved in prostitution are from Enugu State while ladies of  Hausa/Fulani origin also constitute 40 percent. Ladies from Oyo-Ondo axis of the country comprise 10 percent of the prostitutes and other tribes, 10 percent.

In the Kryxtal Lounge area of Wuse 11 red light district, ladies from Enugu also constitute 40 percent of those involved in the illicit trade while ladies from Abia-Imo axis constitute another 40 percent and ladies from  Oyo/Lagos, 20 percent.

P.M.NEWS investigations in Jaji street, popularly known in pidgin English as “Woman Boku in Kubwa” meaning there are many women in Kubwa, a suburb of Abuja, also revealed that 20 percent of the ladies plying the trade are from Enugu State, followed by Abia 15 (per cent), Edo (15 percent) Benue (15 per cent) and other tribes (35 percent).

This survey is by no means exhaustive. Therefore, it is subject to further scientific investigation.

—Femi Ipaye/Abuja

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  1. Daniel joseph

    How has that change them. I think u shld focus ur mind in more important thing’s

  2. Afam

    Femi, it’s only prostitute that will dive into matters that concerns them so meaning ur a prostitute and ur newspaper is owned and operated by prostitutes. idiot.

  3. Gola

    Pm news reporters have a very close likeness for prostitutes i guess,and this reporter must be very close to prostitute’s from enugu,hence he’s helping them advertise for free here.For the notice,no prostitute will disclose her real identity and state of origin to her customer.Also if you really want to look at the region of ibo land where prostitute’s or wild ladies are from all nigerians know what anambra and imo state ladies are capable of.By the way what happened to ladies from yoruba speaking state’s.Bcos we know that many of them use the last money in their possesion to purchase flight ticket to abuja on monday for this purpose to return on friday.The reporter is biased since he’s (femi) a yoruba i guess by tribe. So this report is rubbish.

  4. jenny

    Dis is d dummiest report ever. Dis reporter is d most dullard journalist in nigeria. His small brain dint give him a clue dat Enugu has d one of highest number of universities in d south east. And d highest number of female student. Dat any girl can come frm whatever part of d country to school and decide to go to abuja for sex job. His empty brain also dint give him time to gather enough fact b4 publishing. And besides, no rite thinking sex worker will gv u a true knowledge of where she comes frm. So Mr reporter and even the editor, nextime endeavor to hv reasonable facts b4 conclusion Mr editor, try and employ reasonable pple too. Dis is my first time on dis site and I might nt vist again. I think dis site is all abt tribal gossip.

  5. Nigerian

    The most babbler mouths news reporter. Remember the old saying. “Lose lips will sink ships.” They will also kill people !

  6. Jay

    I did not know that in 21st century, we still have dummy journalists in this country.

  7. amaechi

    As far as am concerned prostitutes do not actually tell their customers their true state of origin.

  8. Mr Kennedy!!!

    ur investigations has no prove but very soon,all the prostitutes may be sentenced to jail just like in lagos


    what are your criteria for determining their state of origin? did you site their birth certificates or local govt declaration of age? You failed to know that it is very hard for many to disclose their true identity. whether east, west,north or south, they are all nigerians. Many of them may be your relation. what we need to read is your effort to lead campaign on how to rehabilitate them so that they can be integrated into the society by creating jobs for them

  10. olabis

    Thank God that my Edo people are minority. Good news.

    1. Katanga

      They are in minority because of they have all dained to Italy

  11. dsurvivo

    Biggest lie ever told

  12. Femi

    They are all Nigerians. No need for the ranking.

  13. dsurvivo

    na pure lie.

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