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In Pictures: Scene of DANA Air Craft In Lagos  print

Published on June 3, 2012 by   ·   33 Comments

Images shows DANA Air Craft crash at Oluwatoyin Street in Iju area of Lagos State today. PHOTOS Emmanuel Osodi.

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33 Comments for “In Pictures: Scene of DANA Air Craft In Lagos”

  1. AYO

    God have mercy on us.l am shot of words.

  2. ogungbemi ifeoluwa

    This ɪ̣̝̇$ too much. God have mercy.And console Nigerians

  3. Taiwo

    God pls forgive us our sins

  4. ire

    God have mercy on nigeria.

  5. Dr.Adeyemo

    May their souls rest in peace

  6. rotiba

    Jonathan jonathan jonathan !!! Hear the voice of one crying in the village saying its time for you to resign. You’re not goodluck but good-lock. Don’t wait till natural disaster will push out. Resign now and save more lives.

  7. buki

    May their souls rest in peace.

  8. Titi

    May dere soul rest I̶̲̥̅̊N̶̲̥̅̊ Peace

  9. Mansur Mosan

    Inna lillahi, wa inna lillahi rajiun. May their souls rest in perfect peace, Amen. With heavy hearth, I condoles d families of the plane crash victims. May Almighty Allah forgive us all, Amen

  10. Abu Godswill

    GOD come and rescue nigerian from all this mess. may their soul R.I.P

  11. Elvis

    So sad but this is true

  12. Wale

    This loss is too much. it is a collosal.

  13. Bambo

    “To Allah we come from to HIM is our final return” . We are short of words. This is massive . My heartfelt sympathy goes out to everyout out . Please let the authority investigate religiously and implement their findings to possily prevent this from hapaning again.. Remember , it could be any of us.

  14. J.T.I

    I think we should look at this accident from another point of view. Since it occured, nobody is talking about any other thing. That same Sunday if you total the number of people that died on our roads, it will definitely be more than the 153 that were affected in this Dana plane. Let me ask this stupid question: IS IT THAT THE RICH ARE INVOLVED? Boko haram has been killing the poor on daily basis but mourning days are not declared. Today we hear GEJ saying he declared three days of morning and Fashola declaring 1 week.

    Most of us in Nigeria are stupid! A country where everything goes will continue to waste its potential either in human or material. In the last 10 or so years we have counted over 13 air diasters. How many were counted in Ghana count in this same period? How many in South Africa, Togo, Cameroon, etc during the same period?

    Everything in Nigeria is second-handed (Tokombo) and we are ok with it. We go to Cotornu to buy old tyre and come and sell them. People buy this old tyres and put on their cars and you see accidents as a result off faulty tyres and it goes; nobody cares. Road Safety is busy fighting the police and others as regards who should issue drivers license and plate numbers instead of concentrating on the roadworthness of venicles. The drivers do not care whether there are VIOs on the road or not because all they need is, squeeze some naira note are put in their palms and there you are; everything goes!

  15. larytz

    Corruption,corruption,corruption! That’s what this country is all about. Until we deal with that everthing will stay the same. GEJ is helpless cuz its the mafia that put him there that are responsible for these problems. Let him call for a national conference so we can talk about how we want to be governed. If he doesn’t there will be trouble in 2015. A word is enough for the wise!.

  16. Mayowa ADo ekiti

    This is disturbing,heartly felt, tired and worisome. On a sunday when people are just coming back from worshiping God,expecially on a Thanks given sunday. Abah! This is too much for Nigeria all between Six months, Everything is going down,down, down and down. At first it was Religious war in the North where christians where victim.Then it resulted to Boko haram,and again subsidy. Scarce commodity of Food Items and now its AIr disaster. The ritaulist must definately have a hand in this,I presume. Lord, forgive us of our sins and supplications.This is getting messier by the day. Let us pray for Nigeria today.Although this the year of vengience.Lord have mercy on Naija.So help me GOD

  17. May their soul rest in perfect peace…ameen

  18. azeez

    wot we need in dis country is prayer coz everybody in dis nation is corrupted,if tins shud continue like dis 4d next 15years we wil all get burnt by fire.Nigeria God is tryin 2 warn us tins turn 2 massive destruction. If only our our leaders as wel as we followers cud change den only God can deliver us

  19. Samuel

    It is too much, though it was a by day we came to this sinful world and will one day go back but then nobody pray to die this way, May their souls rest in perfect peace, Amen.

    • Cynthia Ofokansi

      No one can challenge the will of God

      It was their destiny to die that way,

      But If you want to secure a peaceful death, appeal to Almighty God now you have the chance

  20. Abolaji olusegun

    We that we are alive, we are under His grace.After death, grace disappears.Let’s walk in the way of the Lord.may the souls of those who died rest in peace.Let us continue to do good when grace abound.

  21. we ar jst alive by d infant mercy of thy Lord.

  22. adetob

    May d Lord 4 give all der sin, $ dere soul rest in peace.God should consoul dere family $ 1/2 mercy 4 ur in Nigeria.

  23. kelechi

    I am strongly opposing the posting of these photographs here online, which is constantly serving as a reminder to the pain people affecting by the crash is going through at the moment. What everybody (both affected and Nigerians alike) need now is healing and consolation, and not images to remind us of our pain.
    PM NEWS, please respect the privacy and emotional distress of the families affected and remove these images. Still, I would not fail to commend you for the good work of keeping us informed unbaised.

  24. May their lives rest in perfect peace!

  25. salima

    may their soul rest in perfect peace.Ameen.

  26. kayode

    may they soul rest in perfect peace…..

  27. Torkaa michael

    God have mercy on this world

  28. Cynthia Ofokansi

    May their souls rest in perfect peace,

    Almighty God hear us fellow Nigerians, as we appeal to you for mercy in their judgement

  29. otubanjo bola

    may almighty allah forgive them,and have mercy on nigeria,may he lead our president through.amennnnnn

  30. George

    The incident is a pathetic one but all the govt shud suspend the Dana airline for nw.

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