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Confession Of A 10-Year Old: ‘I Cannot Do Without Sex Daily’

Published on May 31, 2012 by   ·   75 Comments

A 10-year old girl who was a victim of sexual abuse has made a shocking confession, saying that she cannot do without having sex with men daily.

She narrated how an old man, who was their neighbour at Mile 12, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, lured her into sex at seven and since then she cannot resist having sex everyday.

The primary two pupil said if she did not see any man to have sex with her in her area, she would go to a popular under bridge at Mile 12 Lagos and beg for sex from touts.

She said she came from Enugu state to Lagos to live with her aunt after the death of her father.

Her case has become so serious that she had to be referred to an NGO, Community Health Support and Empowerment Initiative, COHSAEI, which has taken up the challenge to rehabilitate her.

The little girl said she was lured into sex by a man she called Baba who lived with her aunt in the same compound.

She said the man (Baba) usually called her to his apartment whenever his wife and her aunt were not around and will put his finger inside her private part.

“He will tell me to come back home immediately our school closes and when I reach home he will be waiting for me to finger my vagina,” she narrated.

She said with time he started having real sex with her.

She said when the man that initiated her into it moved out of their area, she resorted to meeting other men in the area without her aunt knowing.

She said she has become addicted to sex and cannot do without it.

“When I desire sex and I do not see anybody to do it in my area, I will go under the bridge and beg the touts to do it for me,” he said.

Her predicament came when she confessed to her teacher what she was going through after the teacher noticed some abnormal behaviour in her.

The teacher contacted her aunt who contacted an NGO for assistance.

The programme coordinator of the NGO, Mrs. Priscilla Ingbia, noted that her case was very pathetic because of her age. She said her group took up the challenge to rehabilitate her because it was clear if nothing was done urgently her future was in danger.

She said her organisation has started the process of rehabilitating her by carrying out series of tests on her to ascertain her health conditions.

Ingbia stressed the urgent need to relocate her from her present environment and start a new life for her.

She said her organisation has not been able to do so because of the financial cost of doing so.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe

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75 Comments for “Confession Of A 10-Year Old: ‘I Cannot Do Without Sex Daily’”

  1. Mahrufat

    @pdp or wat d hell is ur name. U must be very stupid for saying such. How dare u? Dats how u guys start religious crises.. Is it ur pastor dat told u Prohet Muhd married Aisha at d age of 8 or u just fabricated the story? Besides, wat does d Prophet’s story has to do with the issue on ground. I think U are out of ur senses. Neva in ur stupid life say dat again.

  2. mastermaze

    find dat baba nd stone him by every children in d hood!

  3. Habeeb

    pdp, the individual you insulted is a prophet sent by the Lord that created you and sustains you. Yet you have the guts, arrogance, ignorance and stupidity to insult him and revile him (May the peace and blessings of ALLAH be with him). I ask ALLAH to seal your heart so that you never repent until death meets you.

    And if you die upon what you are upon today (of disbelief), then i give you the news of eternal life in Hell-fire where you will dine with your boss “Shaitan” (the devil) and the evil jinns that are suggesting those nasty ideas to you.

  4. PDP,may your jesus corse you to hellfire,bcs youdeserve it weather you like it or not,and let me remained you that ISLAM is the only true religion on earth,by all the sign and symtoms that are happening,dont forget a child in lagos was born with quran,and no such thing happen with bible in the whole world and if there is,tell the place and the year,idiot bastard,jargon criminal,prostitude all this this acccording my powers i bestored on to your mother and father.

  5. ayinde

    I wonder what d man speaking ill of d prophet whant to achieve w his comment,it shows he can’t think very well,anyway my prayer is dat d girl will get a cure to her problem

  6. ayinde

    D world is turning to another thing entirely parents need to be extra ordinary careful and prayerful as well I pray dat d girl will still get solution to her problem

  7. The destruction of a nation. Even the infants are not spared. God have mercy!

  8. May God help us in this country


    @Habeeb Ur english stinks get a brighter grammar for moderation. Pdp was so stupid to have said but, He’s right just doesn’t knw how to bring it to conviction. This is actually what He was meant to say; Quar’an explicitly allows muslims to rape their female slaves, even those already married. (Qur’an 4:24, 29-30, 23:5-6) U muslims shouldn’t call for my head cos these are valid assertions from Ur Book. pick Ur Qur’an to read. She needs deliverance not; rehabitation cos rehabilitation is reversive in nature. JESUS WILL DELIVER HER!!!! Only Christ Delivers!!!!!!!

  10. Hakeem

    Pdp or what do you call your name. I know you are dubious with your name. Whichever, you need to ask for forgiveness from God. I believe your great grand parents could not disrespect prophet Mohammed not to say you. PM did not mention the name of the person involved. How can you say he is a muslim? This menace is common in Nigeria, we all need prayer to solve the problem rather than say rubbish like you.

  11. Es3

    What else is there that you are yet to blame president Goodliuck Jonathan for?

    Just about a year in office, you and your likes have accussed him of being responsble for problems in Nigeria that existed before the unification of the north and the south to independence and to date?!

    It’s will be good to read the comments from people with ‘properly adjusted head’ comment on this forum!

  12. brace yourself

    when the positive role of a mother in a home is missing or been questioned,these are the results,mothers are destiny groomers,if only her mother were der,screw it,dat so called “baba” shud nt go unpunished,pls my fellow nigerians lets employ our resourrces to see justice n d rehab of dat innocent child.

  13. Hakeem

    Grammarian Lawrence, you did not pinpoint where Habeeb made that grammatical blunder. Anyway, that is your headache. You cannot claim you know Quran more than the ones practising what it contains. You are a christian and you don’t know what it preaches. So, you cannot say what you don’t know, it is not Bible. Are you now saying Quran teaches rape. You are a disgrace to your religion. If you don’t know the best religion that forbids all bad things, it is Islam whose book is Quran.

  14. mikeobanjo

    This is very sad because the said “baba” should be located, questioned and punished while her aunt should receive equal punishment for negligence on her part. They have negatively affected this little girls life and stolen her innocence as well. Its a case of one in a million because we have failed our youths and future leaders socio-economically.

  15. Aloy Abiriyi

    As you do unto others so shall it be done unto you. Useless Baba

  16. pdp

    I think president Goodluck Jonathan is the cause of the girls misfortune. He suppose to force the girl and his anti to church to be born again. But if the man is a Muslim, he has committed no crime because he is permitted by Islam to marry a six year old child just as Mohamed the wicked prophet did when she married Aisha his third wife who was disvirgin at the age of 8. If he is not, thenhe is a cultist on an assignment. Oh ! Pdp is to blame for all our problem including raping, child abuse, accidental discharge, road accident by drunk drivers, laziness, infertility of the land, thunder, earthquake, impotence, etc.
    Foolish followers who blame government for every misfortune.


  18. city guide

    @Pdp I think you are right because the Muslim are still practicing child abuse in the North by marrying kids. When I confronted a father who gave his female child of three years old in marriage to a forty years old, he ( the father ) quoted Koran for me in Arabic and challenge me to read the English version or read online to see that Allah has approved it. So if the rapist called Baba is a Muslim he can even pay bride price and marry the child. Shikina !

  19. AbdulJabar

    @PDP and @City guide – what u guys are saying is not true about islam, this is a religion of peace.
    The Ass ho called ‘Baba’ should be punished and i wonder why/ an how would u relate such act with islam, Our noble prophet (S .A. W) marries Aishat(RA) with fully support of her father Abu barkir(RA) and she was sent back home for maturity.
    The hausa man in north unvail his marrage the young girl untouch.

    Your sisters and ladies,how many of them have not been married at 30’s but been sexed. How many ladies av u lied to and promised u wanna marry, fooling them because u wanna go under their pants.

  20. Jide

    Why are you guys so dumb and naive to be relating this act to religion, why is it that you can’t think straight and comment on issues objectively? What made you think the so called “Baba” is a muslim? When you mentioned that a Northerner said Islam condones marrying little girls and told you to read the english version online, did you confirm to be sure that the man didn’t modify it to suit himself. Well if Islam condones it, is it without the consent of the parents. Please let us always find the truth about something before we use it as our basis of argument or judgement.

  21. dec

    God will punish the baba wherever he his, but I will really appreciate it if the NGO can get the old fool, so that he can pay for his sins, I’m quite sure that the same old fool will still be doing the same evil act with some other small girls in his present place, they should not allow him to go scot-free, God will save our country from all these atrocities that is befalling our country, our sins is getting out of hand , and we can say that God is seriously angry with us. World is very close to end.

  22. Ann


  23. sally

    She needs deliverance. That baba transfered a demon to her

  24. Divine O.

    That Baba should be located and handed over to the relevant authorities. I pray that God himself would send financial help to resettle the girl. Its a pity Parents and Guardiance lets always try to find time for our children and wards

  25. gloria njoku

    That Baba should be looked for at all cost and be made to undo what he had done.its not ordinary.may God have mercy on the child and heal her Amen

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