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Lady Gang-Raped By 10 Men Inside Hotel Room

Published on April 2, 2012 by   ·   26 Comments

Three suspects have been arrested by the police in Lagos after ten men allegedly abducted and gang-raped a 27-year old woman in a hotel at Satellite Town, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.

They have been charged before Apapa Magistrate’s court for sexual assault and rape under section 409 of the criminal code.

The suspects, Laide Sulemon, 26, Ayomide Simpa, 25, and Aina Sampson, 24, along with seven others now at large were alleged to have forcefully had sex with the victim (name withheld) in turns.

They allegedly tore her clothes and pant and debased her by inserting their fingers into her private part before they raped her.

She sustained serious injury in her private part as a result of the rape and was rushed to a hospital where she is being treated.

The incident happened at Club 21, Ijegun, Satillite Town, Lagos.

According to the victim, she had a date with her boyfriend at the club. She went ahead of him and on getting to the hotel some men accosted her and abducted her and took her to unknown place where they raped her in turns.

She said they tore her pant and forcefully had sex with her one after the other before she was rescued by members of the O’dua Peoples Congress, OPC, in area.

She said three suspects were arrested by OPC and handed over to the police in the area, while the rest escaped.

The three men were charged to court while the police are still looking for the other accomplices. They pleaded not guilty.

The presiding Magistrate, O. I. Adelaja, granted them bail in the sum of N300,000 with two sureties in like sum.

The matter has been adjourned till 23 April 2012, while they were remanded in prison custody at Kirikiri pending when they meet the bail conditions.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe

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26 Comments for “Lady Gang-Raped By 10 Men Inside Hotel Room”

  1. ifebi cbn

    Wicked act!!! Sos oh God.

  2. Rape should be charged to the High court

  3. Prince Cokers

    Granting them bail? Well, they respect money than justice in Nigeria. That is a sad news.

  4. joe sambo

    they havent met those bail conitions yet.

  5. Olayinka taiwo

    Very sad

  6. Collins

    The news article is confusing. The title said that the lady was raped in a hotel room and the main story even mentioned the hotel and location while the girl or lady said that she was taken to an unknown place?

  7. ikem

    God we help us


    These days, hardly a day passes that we don’t read about incidents of rape and gang-rapes in Nigeria in the news media. It is a sad development that should trouble our collective psyches. Nigeria has surpassed the unenviable record of South Africa as the “RAPE CAPITAL” of the World. Amazing how we excel in evil and the negatives of life.

  9. tina armstrong

    All dese maniacs shd not go unpunished,I call on NGO dat focuses on women issues 2 take dis up

  10. KLM

    Nigeria advance on crime everyday.Were are we going to!! May God help us.

  11. Rape again? Ten men to a lady. If found guilty they should all be sentence to life imprisonment without option of fine. They are sons of devil.

  12. Gold

    Wat abt dat her boyfriend? Am suspecting him, hope d girl didn’t offend him n wanna treat her fuckup lik dat?

  13. The case before the Magistrate court may be for holding charge only.Those among them who have wives or tasted marriage before should be stonned to death.Those among them who never tasted marriage should have 100 strokes of the cane and,court should be denying these characters bail to serve as deterrent.

  14. UGH

    Ruky, if d guys deserve’s life imprisonment, what does our gvt officials deserved if found guilty??? Secondly, Wetin d girl find go such area?? Can’t u read d name of d area? IJEGU…. Na wa oo, good girls go good places…Dem suppose plan meeting at KFC then d guy bring her home, dat is how responsible girl act… She ll be learned.. For those guys, they ll surely suffer for such act.. But not life imprisonment.

  15. sammy

    Efforts should be made to arrest the other culprits. I recommend intense punishment with debilitating effect just as the rape would affect the victim.

  16. Pm news u cant imagine a gang rape a lady, but court want to grand them bail on bail for what reason should the be bail out? No the judge should nt do so, it seem to me that girls n ladies their right is always abuse why! something has to be done, to stop this urgly trent.

  17. Akeem Adagun (UK)

    “They allegedly tore her clothes and pant and debased her by inserting their fingers into her private part before they raped her.”


  18. What was the lady looking for in the first place.Just imagine being the only lady in that hotel room.Ladies should watch where they go and who invites them to wherever.A big lesson to all ladies!!!

  19. Idle hands, devil’s workshop.

  20. remilekun law

    the penises of these guys should be cut-off. simple,there so many prostitute dens, why can’t they go there? to hell with these perpetrators and am sure if court grant them bail God will not, am sure of that

  21. niyi

    Rape is bcuming everydays tin now.God where’s ur face?ladies watch out and correct ur dressin

  22. Adubiagbe Hassan

    Why are they not killed immediately?

  23. naomi

    We are all human beings, Pm news learn how to correct your article before pasting them…..they are some things, that does not need mentioning when writing or talking or stating……And some ladies that likes dress to kill….dis is a gud lesson for them.
    Some maybe descent but going to a place like club…they will wnt to impress their lovers by dressing reckless and it may also be that she has been toast by one of them secretly but she did not knw it was all a plan to lure and had their turns on her……JUDGE LETS BE WISE AND GET TO THE MAIN STORY BEFORE WE CONCLUDE……..CLUB AREA….OPC…..

  24. Wisdom

    They should be hanged. Agent-of-evil-for evils. They were more than rapist

  25. A wicked act indeed, and a warning to our ladies on how not to engage in unwarranted search for fun, one could not rule out the possibility of the lady playing into their hand by accepting to follow one of them. Otherwise, if you come to a guest house to Waite for your man, i don’t believe that those boys will drag you out of the hotel in the presence of other people. Some went wrong somewhere, i don’t believe her story hook, line and sinker.

  26. Na ojukokoro catch am.

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