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2 Nigerian House Maids Fight Over Indian Lover

Published on March 15, 2012 by   ·   84 Comments

Two Nigerian house maids, Patience Okpara and Elizabeth Emmanuel threw away decency and fought openly at Ilupeju Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria over an Indian man .

Elizabeth Emmanuel and Patience Okpara

Patience was bitter that Elizabeth started having affairs with the Indian she claimd was her sex partner and boss.

The fight resulted in Patience boiling a hot water adding pepper to it and pouring it on Elizabeth and she sustained severe burns.

The incident happened at 17, Sere Close, Ilupeju, Lagos, where both work as domestic servants to two Indians.

Both were arrested by the police at Ilupeju station.

Patience was charged to Oshodi Magistrate’s court, Lagos for pouring hot water on Elizabeth after their fight was separated by a security guard in the compound.

Patience, 25, hails from Imo State and Elizabeth, 25, hails from Akwa Ibom State.

P.M.NEWS gathered that Patience was so bitter that Elizabeth left her own man and had sex with her boss.

Patience said when she confronted Elizabeth, she was boasted about it, saying it was her boss that demanded her services that night.

Patience, who is now facing a one-count charge of assault at the court, pleaded not guilty.

The presiding Magistrate, Mrs. Osho Adebiyi granted her bail in the sum of N50, 000 with two sureties in like sum.

The matter has been adjoiurned till 23 March 2012.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe

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84 Comments for “2 Nigerian House Maids Fight Over Indian Lover”

  1. emmanuel

    i tins say dem fine bt dem no evn fine self. wel povaty no good at all at all. nw a man go stil carry dem put 4 house as a wife. chai god abeg make u help boys when lukin 4 a life partner o!.

  2. sanya

    Na wah o. Yoruba adage says if u must eat a frog eat the one pregnant with egg. An Indian? Those girls are shameless. Anyway e fit be poverty.

  3. Don Ante

    This indeed is a shameful thing to our nation. This deadly and demonic act by patience cannot be attributed to poverty but greed. Is she the only poor girl or prostitute we have in this country?, she must be tried in the court together with d randy dog called Idian……..why wont police arreasted dat punjab idiot called indian?, see what d country we r from has turn us to

  4. nothing

    bitches….dere all the same tin…..girls dey craze when it comes to money…and na all of them…not just dis 2 ladies

  5. Nothing Spoil

    The Indian guy must be good in bedmatics for our girls to be fighting over him. Thumb up 4 u guy.





    A BA JO!


    Prince Coker you dey craze. Dem be Punjabi, ah ah? I like that alias for them.

    I had a real laugh!

  8. OmoOba Jangbadi

    Irkson, you are absolutely right about this smelly idiot the senseless idiots are killing themselves over. Are there no Nigerian guys who can service them beyond this rat? Shame on these shameless girls!

  9. tp

    i think we shld leave the indian man out of all these, the rate at which our girls look for money is really shameful and annoying. if it were even a Nigerian man spending money for Patience and Elizebeth, it wld ve been the same story. most ladies no longer believe on what their hand can produce, they believe on what their feminine figure can produce for them. they ve forgotten the reason why we were created as women. that our feminine figure is our pride and ego and no amount of cash can purchase it. ladies pls be wise use ur head and hand.

  10. gab

    shame on the two of them

  11. gab

    good for them. it was really a show of shame

  12. Kunmi Dada




  14. Forkasibe

    I no blame the two both of them ladies at all. Dem say Indian “abunna” dey sweet well well. Na evidence be dis na!

  15. The Bible says our body is d temple of God bt most women wldn’t hear of it,they’ll go 2 any lenght jst 2 av money,God is patient bt nt stupid,we’ll all account 4 everythin on d judgement day

  16. michelle

    Hahahahahahaha! So people still do tis.

  17. These ladies deserve an award for the most SHAMELESS FACE 2012.

  18. rasaq

    poverty is a desease.

  19. Chidex

    The Bible says train up a child in the fear of God for when he is old, he will not depart from it. Some parents today has failed to trian there children to the fear of God thereby bringing shame to themselves. Hardly you see a 15yrs girl now that is still a virgin. Go to holtels, you see small girls doing prostitution. May God have mercy on girls.

  20. Judgement is for sure

    One would think they were fighting for love, but it is all the greed for money! It is a shame on the so called Indian man to stoop so low to be sleeping about with housemaids, a lady under his trust. He is just taking advantage of them and abusing them in the process. Let him try such in the UK, he will ever regret hi rod standing up in the first place because that is nothing but abuse of trust.
    Well in Nigeria, everything goes and we worship foreigners, especially when they are light skin, and call them oyibo even though such was a village boy in his country before coming to Nigeria.
    But do we actually have any say? No because our government have sold us all out!

  21. make una clap 4 urself, abeg on don try well well by showing ur urgly face and there about disgrace ur Country. This is the only way of making money? Ashiwo!

  22. bugsy

    Uk or anywhere in d world. Dis r older dan 18 ,independent and should be responsible for there actions. Uk, US or world cannot do anything in a case like dis.

  23. funny

    Is it that Indian people have a sweeter penis than us? if so, it means Nigerians lack certain things.

  24. pauli

    @Funny, @ ‘Judgement is for sure’ is actually correct. It called abuse of position,…because he is taking advantage of them cos he pays there salaries and there continued financial existence depends on him. My dear, he would be in a very serious trouble over here. The two women are actually victims.

  25. pauli

    @bugsy, @ ‘Judgement is for sure’ is actually correct. It is called abuse of position,…because he is taking advantage of them cos he pays their salaries and their continued financial existence depends on him. My dear, he would be in a very serious trouble over here. The two women are actually victims.

  26. pauli

    Of the over 70 comments made here,…its so sad that no one actually recognised these two warring women as the victims.. actually, how shallow can Nigerians be? Ridiculous! If not for poverty, do you guys think it is fair for these bosses to exploit the maids by sleeping with them at will?

  27. kelly Inwang

    Stupid set of harlot. fighting because of indian lover? stupid story

  28. Y.M.T Tussy

    girls of nowadays are desperate in their action of getting money. I knew a woman you left her matrimonial home to work for Chinko just because of money. she got pregnant and she has a got of telling her husband that this belle na for oyinbo. (Majority of Ladies/Women working as a housemaid are services their bosses in the night. May the Lord help us.

  29. Those ladies are domes, mugu grade one. since the Indians have advantage on them, them for team up and make sure say the men no leave this country with a pin but them just dey busy dey enjoy the Abunna.. Shame to them

  30. iwelumo francesca

    These two are shameless. if not ,Indians that never see anything worthy in non -Indian ladies These ladies should be sent back to their various states.they have already been embarrassed.

  31. Emepius shd nt b court affairs but family and neighbourhood affairs 4 solutions


    The Indian Colonial Master should be investigated. He succeeded in taking advantage of the Calabar and Ibo girl by servicing both at will. Let him be prosecuted likewise.

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