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Igbos the Target of Kano Bombs, Leader claims

Published on January 21, 2012 by   ·   107 Comments

Chief Tobias Michael Idika, President, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano State Chapter and President General Leaders of Ethnic Communities Resident in Kano State has claimed that Friday bomb attacks on the city were aimed at Igbo people and that they would spur an exodus of about three million non-natives out of the city.

Idika issued a statement today where he traced the chain of events that led to Friday’s bombings, which claimed the life of an Igbo insurance broker and an Igbo TV reporter, working with Channels TV. He also called on South East Governors to begin the evacuation of their people from Kano.

His full statement:

“In about a month ago, the dreaded Islamic terrorist gang called Boko Haram issued a threat message ordering all Southerners to vacate the North or face annihilation. Though the three day ultimatum they gave had elapsed with some pockets of attacks in Borno, Niger, Yobe States etc. Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Kano foresaw the wreckage that took place in Kano on Friday, January 20th 2012.

”If we can recall, Kano was the first base of Boko Haram insurgence following their first onslaught in April 2007 when the Boko Haram elements invaded Kano through the Panshekara axis and engaged security agencies in a series of attacks that claimed lives and government properties.

”Since then, they have continued to put an eye on Kano with malicious concentration on non-natives. Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano, can also state without fear of contradiction that the January 20, 2012 attack on Kano remains the only biggest coordinated attack by the Islamic terrorist group where about nine locations were bombed and lives (including one Mr. Ibe, an insurance broker was killed) and properties lost!

”In this light, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano is convinced that there is a planned JIHAD on non-natives in Kano, particularly, the Igbos. Security report reaching us indicates that there is a serious plot by the Islamic terrorist group to invade Sabon Gari Kano, an enclave pre-dominantly dominated by the Igbos.

”We are also aware that this Islamic group serving the interest of some Islamic Clerics, Northern traditional rulers and ruthless politicians, have a big plan to bomb Churches, public places, hotels and selected private homes within Sabon Gari Kano.

”There is no gainsaying the fact that our people are now scared. The Igbos resident in Kano is living with naked fear and apprehension. Though there are few of us who may like to stay and defend ourselves, the majority of us, particularly, women and children, numbering over three million are jostling to leave the North (Kano), because unfolding events indicate that the North (Kano) is no longer safe for easterners.

”Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano, thereby call on the governors of the Eastern States and Igbo speaking States in the South-South to provide means of transportation with adequate security to evacuate our brethren who would want to leave because human life is precious and should be protected as such.

”For the fact that in the January 20th 2012 attack on Kano, even Journalists were not spared with the killing of the channels reporter, Eneche Akogwu, by the Boko Haram terrorists, means that nobody’s live is protected in Kano. Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano, with a deep heart, uses this opportunity to commiserate with the National President of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Muhammed Garba and all working Journalists in Nigeria. The killing of Eneche Akogwu brings to two, innocent Journalists who have fallen victim to the wicked attack and agenda of the Islamic Boko Haram in recent times.

”Finally, we call on President Goodluck Jonathan to identify the sponsors of these killers and make them face the wrath of the law. Failure to do this means that Mr. President is failing Nigerians who voted him into power.”

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107 Comments for “Igbos the Target of Kano Bombs, Leader claims”

  1. Truth_Hurts

    I just can’t stop wondering what crop of Igbo/Biafrans we have now… Mr Idika, you have over 3million Igbos living in Kano, and they cannot forget the stupidity of chasing money and stand together to destroy those beasts?
    They want to start the usual exodus, 100 set out maybe 1 or two reach final destination if possible, the rest will still be ambushed and slaughttered, anyway, so which one is better to stand and fight and destroy the evil beasts or to start running and still get struck from behind?
    Wake Ndiigbo/Biafra and fight back with all you have, use your intelligence and your expertise to hunt them and destroy them first before they destroy you. Stop showing this stupid ‘Ohaneze’ sellout weakling stance that has anded the Igbo nations in this sorry state!
    They helped to destoy (MASSOB) the only force that the Igbos would have counted on now to defend them! Soon, both them and all the other useless almajiri ass-lickers, from Abuja to all the useless Eastern states governors past and present who helped in one way or the other to destroy Non violent MASSOB, even the criminals from Uga will soon felt the heat they have all put.
    Only a mad man will put fires in his house and come and glorify the beauty of fire glow!

  2. Truth_Hurts

    It is sad that some people that claim to be Igbos here are throwing stone at the man for saying that his people were the targets.
    Maybe because the terrorists was not successful this time, it means to then that what he was saying is stupid eh!?
    Unfortunately, these so-called Igbos are part of the reasons why any idiot will wake up and kill Igbos or people that look like them, because they know some Igbo fools will find justifications for their sick actions.
    Shame on them!

  3. chukwudi joseph

    it is very bad 2 see ur follow human being die like a foul…i want dem 2 go d northener dey are very heartless dey don’t want d progress of dis country,as 4 me deir nt d people 2 collaborate with becos dey are wicked.i want d president 2 separate dem, dey are not frndly dey want d downfall of dis country.may GOD jugde dem for evil taught…amen.

  4. He who kills by the sword, MUST die by the sword. God is not asleep.

  5. hankaka

    Out of nearly 200 killed in Kano, the Igbo leader listed 2 Igbos killed and that explains Igbos were the targets. We also know nearly a hundred Hausa muslims were also killed in the attack. Enough of this rubbish. Let the Igbos or any southerner go please…I will even contribute money for their transport..pls dont forget to send back the northerners or even their heads for all we care

  6. true niga

    i dnt no y some folish and stupid ppl make coment dat dosnt make any sence like d last ediot..rem dat wit d igbos der will be no nigeria

  7. Haruna

    I agree wit hankaka.Nigerians should not be sentimental about the kano explosions,we should find solutions to the our problems.both religions condemn murder of the innocent,sadly,some pple resort to violence as a way out.pls shun sentiments it clouds judgement.

  8. A K GAMA

    Please mind what you say, bcos of killing 2 igbos out of atleast 250 ppl you said igbos are the target, why igbos alone are they only ppl living in the north other than northerners. remember what ojukwu did. so respect your tongue!

  9. Biafran dragon

    It’s only war dat can bring peace in dis country, we have done it b4 and it works.So lets do it again.Eastherners,westerners,southerners lets com 2geda and do away wit d northerners dey are evil.

  10. we dnt blem de r descendants of ishmeal frm d beginin we’v known dem to b violent d shul let us no aw many muslims wer killed.y wl d do it on a friday wn d know d muslims wul b in d mosque o dnt d know dat d north also belongs 2 d christian. Xtian shul watch out its another jihad goin on.our God neva sleps no slumber.

  11. The fedral govt should redploy all d corps members postd 2 dat bomb riddled state(kano), nd av dem posted 2 states of choice. Becos corpers wil soon b d next target.

  12. andrew

    my mouth is closed bt my hrt is ready 4 anytin

  13. Shuaib

    it is very clear dat the so called boko haramist are xtians,if not why don’t they attack in the south or east rather only the north xpecially state were Islamic religion is powerfull?so pls u guys should mind ur statement…


    All this is strategic and ways of destroying north so mind ur tonque.

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