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In Pictures: Scenes from the bombed Church in Mandala

Published on December 25, 2011 by   ·   58 Comments

By Femi Ipaye

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58 Comments for “In Pictures: Scenes from the bombed Church in Mandala”

  1. Yusuf

    Pls let our comments be based on facts..

  2. onimisi

    if u belive dat d muslims are responsible 4 all dis bombings den d boko haram sect have you exactly where dey want u….nigeria has 2 be spoilt and religious crisis is d fastest way 2 do it..cos dey kno we are fools and we will eat each oda up wen dey use religion…boko haram ppl are terorists ….lets kill each oda or lets overpower dem…use ur brain ppl

  3. Coryer

    in time like this what we all need is to pray for d perpetrators to be fish out “as our president always said” God wil catch them boko devil, an handover JTF IN JESUS AMEN.

  4. Ndunta Obed

    @Hassan and Maryan,
    Granted that our comments may not even be taken to anywhere; it should be noted that how you personally contribute to interractions on issue so crucial like this, to some extent shows whom you realy are.
    Hassan,you are talking about two elephants fighting and asking us, what the out come will likely be. You also mentioned an incident of bombing in sapele and demanded who will claim responsibility. In my place, we believe that, a visitor’s safty and well being is worth much more than the citizen, we have a proverb that protects it.
    I dn’t know the answer to any of the above but for a person to be so callous on his visitors, nothing will stop him from perpertrating his act in his visitor home for camoufladge. At this jucture Hassan, let me inform you that the Igbos are not afraid if there should be a fight between your two elephants.
    You, Maryam, you have made no head or tail in your comments, if you know the ppl resposible, God will judge you and them but I urge you to stop meddling into issues unless you know what to say. Even if GEJ failed to do anything, I believe a solution will be found,what I pray for is for that solution to come fast. Again, most christains believe that its the end time, yes, I agree but,it doesnt have to be made manifest with my life. I was in north, I left when all these started, I urge all christains to relocate first. The northeners dnt want you there again.Let them come to southwest,southeast,southsouth and bomb, we shall know what to do. This doesnt mean the one they did already is not worth investigating.I believe the Igbo elders are already meeting to talk about this and I know they will do a good job. Those of you who are commenting,no matter what religion you belongs to,watch what you say.Hassan believs that division will bring about more killing, well I dont.
    My opinion is that the dichotomy between the northerners and other ppl are too wide. Without considering these,they want to impose religious beliefs and laws etc on others and will not see that those ppl have thiers too or is it also a sin if they convert to religions other than theirs’?
    For those who blame the west, some one could ask you to kill your own brother and you will do it, what a big shame having such a person as brother. A true muslim will not be using the kind of words that you, Hassan and Maryam have been using, “he that baths with his cloths on, should be careful! “

  5. abubakar ibrahim

    it is indeed a great tregedy to nigerians oh God protect our nation amen

  6. May God have mercy on His people, what the Bible say is true, when the wicked rule the Righteous suffered. he says; instead one part of the word to pass way.

  7. Rotimi Sunday

    We can sleep closing only one eye in this country. May God have mercy on us and deliver us from those who think only about themselves.

  8. I am from ghana and very sorry about the way some nigerians r doing to their people. Cant the military do something. U need jerry john rawlings to bring justice in th country

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