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Pregnant Woman Shuns Sex With Husband

Published on December 15, 2011 by   ·   64 Comments

The police at Ajao Estate division, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria have arrested a businessman, Solomon Iwuchukwu,  for allegedly attempting to strangle his pregnant wife, Ifeoma, who denied him sex.


The 54-year old Solomon who hails from Mbaise in Imo State and  lives at 21, Anthony Udoh Street, Ajao Estate, told the police at the station that since he returned from abroad, his pregnant wife had refused to have sex with him. He said that she locks her room and always refuse him entry. “And she doesn’t come into my room to sleep, either,” he added.

Ifeoma, 33, is eight months pregnant and expecting her baby.

The businessman became a guest of the police when he allegedly forced his way into his wife’s room and attempted to have sex with her by force. He allegedly held her by the neck and attempted to strangle her before she was rescued by her sister living with them. It took the intervention of a team of police officers from Ajao Estate Station who raced to their house and arrested Solomon to bring the situation under control.

The shocked woman, it was gathered, took her two kids to the station for protection and told the police that she will not go back to their house because Solomon threatened to kill her and her unborn baby.

Narrating her ordeal to P.M.NEWS, Ifeoma disclosed that her problem started last year when her husband returned from abroad and opened a sachet water factory at Sango, Ogun State.

She said he could not manage the business and it collapsed. She said the money he invested in the business went down the drain and he started blaming her for his woes. “Since then he turned his anger on me,” she stated. She explained that she had been a constant victim of battering by her husband and she had no place to go with her two children because she is an orphan.

She said appeals by her relations and police to her husband to stop beating her fell on deaf ears.  She also denied starving him of sex, as he claimed and wondered why he should still be sleeping with her at this advanced stage of her pregnancy, adding that he knew her medical history of losing pregnancies before delivery.. “He doesn’t treat me as his wife at all and believes that I am his property to be used at will,” she added.

She said she is helpless because of her condition and did not know what to do.

Meanwhile, a non-governmental organisation, International Charitable Initiative for Girl-child and Women Foundation has stepped into her case.

During her visit to the station to see the embattled housewife, the president of the Foundation, Barrister Helen Ibeji, described the action of the husband who is detained at at the station as inhuman, barbaric and uncalled for.

She disclosed that her foundation decided to intervene in the matter to protect the woman and the unborn child.

“A man should treat his wife with respect and dignity,” she submitted. When asked to comment on the matter, the divisional police officer, Mr. Oliver Amaechi declined but assured that his men were investigating the matter and will take appropriate action.

— Cyriacus Izuekwe

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64 Comments for “Pregnant Woman Shuns Sex With Husband”

  1. Grey

    Man, wisen up, the woman is simply telling you to find a spare wheel. I see a lot of stranded women in your area. Work up. No need to kill somebody lest you rot in jail.

  2. Oma

    My dir tel him oh

  3. LaEnigma

    Yes o, Greg. The o’boy needs back up.

  4. naubiko

    PM news please BIKO let us talk about some other stuff, I don’t find this news interesting at all….

  5. Community paper diccussing the community issues and did you say that wasn’t interesting enough to others in the commmunity.
    And to be candid this guy returned from abroad just tell us what he learnt from abroad

  6. PM NEWS?? this is not news.

  7. Seun

    Please we need to hear something good,I pity the family because this is suppose to be private issue and not public issue ..Man look for alternative means to satisfy yourself…

  8. Seun

    Please tell us something new

  9. TimmyTall

    This is news for most Nigerian men who see women as a sex object for their gratification. Is not news for all of you because most of you who has commented will act worse than this monster.

    This woman and her unborn child are on risk if she try having sex with this beast of her prior medical condition. She has less then 2 months to deliver and rest he can start again where he stopped.

    Most Nigerian men are animasl and behave like pigs.

  10. sam

    @ ‘TimmyTall’ for whatever that means. “Most Nigerian men are animasl and behave like pigs”, is that statement a product or a ‘carefully’ conducted research? May be your father is among those ‘most \nigerian men’ who are pigs. Don’t use family frustration to come online and be making sweeping statements ‘cos its read the world over.

  11. lorretta

    exactly.most nigerian men are disgusting and selfish.their brains are between their legs

  12. Thank you lorretta we are no fool but this is the truth we are african that does not mean we have no sense of belonging or we are weaked if you are a nigeria we will give you agbo that will make you strong till you deliver the baby we are not tablet children . if the woman see her husband with another woman she will fight him why is she running away from her duty it doesn`t kill i understand she might not feel like have it that moment but not everyday before it result to fight.

  13. Rayz

    You are full of shit for generalizing your comment.

  14. Hey, this woman is missing a lot!!! This is the time that sex is most enjoyable, from the rear of course. Except if the pregnancy is threatened. Anyway, goodluck to both parties.

  15. tonia

    you are not a woman so how come you are quick to comment that she’s missing anything. Do you know what pregnancy means for some women? I feel bad when people like you just blab like this

  16. BANJI

    Why is it that wen the husband and wife av a case,the men takes the blame even wen he is not at be frank,the man did wrong,but women why will u deny ur husband sex?and wen this man sleep with another lady,u will say he is not faithful.why women?

  17. babaalago

    @desmond.abi d time wey she need regular service be dis for ease delivery at least.abeg I no believe d woman.she get something wey she dey hide.why woman go deny her OGA pokis?msmall time now if d man begin swag younger gals for town,d same woman go cry FOUL.but d womna fine now.something dey d woman mind.she get plans abeg.

  18. paul

    bastard woman, liar and big fool

  19. omoba


  20. Damilola

    There’s something fishie, may be d woman is carrying the baby of another man, dat why she’s denying her husband so dat there will not be mixture of identity.

  21. Ola

    D woman is hiding something….D man might not be responsible for the pregnancy

  22. wikileaks

    This is what you get with the “bride price mentality” Once you pay a price on a woman, the man believes she is his ‘property’ to be used anyhow

  23. ogbeni naija

    Haba!!!!!!!! This is husband and wife cum family matter that should not be heard by neighbours talkless of the whole world.PM I beg can you give us news as this is no news.

  24. Grey

    This monister of a man tried to strangle this woman and you are there saying that its not news to be shared. I wonder a type of a person you are. Do you want to act after one is dead? Please lets work up and be pro-active.

  25. KLM

    The man should think twice,i am not sure the man is responsible for the unborn child.Maybe somebody else is sleeping with the wife when he travelled abroad.Look for your wife man

  26. Ekobaba

    @KLM na u biko u said it all…the woman get another service man for some where…..

  27. Anonymous

    Z pmnews functional 2 d rest of nigeria, or it is only 4 lagos, and by d way du u kall diz news?

  28. Quad

    The guy should take a second wife and let her be,i swear she will come beging

  29. The couples shudnt bring dis kind of case 2 d public bt al d same oga u av shud respect ur wife nd her condition.after delivery u can stil play d game is al urs

  30. Kunle

    I cant understand what u people are talking about, if the woman say no let the man hang his bouth for her and move on. Please let this man email me we shall move to placess and get the mater solved for good. Please let him get conneted. I beg no beat your wife again ooo. Let her have save delivery. I beg ooo.

  31. Good shepherd

    KLM said the correct thing.


  33. Teamtimi

    Very funny comments

  34. emma

    I quess the man is not responsible for the pregnancy hence she dont want him to top-up.

  35. Arisecute

    I am shocked at most Nigerian men’s comment here, for a man to want have sex with an eight month pregnant woman is absurd and a total abuse. Even if she wants it, you don’t need medical knowledge to know that it is risky for her and the unborn child; she should be treated delicately at this stage. These comments certainly shows that women abuse abounds in my country and I have never subscribe to that view but here is a big evidence. Being a man made me feel ashamed; women are not objects they are humans with feelings and pains, please treat them thus


  37. kura

    There is no risk attached to her having sex at this stage of the pregnancy, as long as the husband does not lie on her. I believe she has a hidden reason for not allowing sex with the husband. It is possible the pregnancy is for another man and as such, ignorantly does not want two incompatible fluids to ‘mix’. Most African cultures view this as taboo. But if the man is the father, they encourage sex at this stage. Even, it has been proven medically to be a healthy practice during late stage of pregnancy. The husband should look into possibility of DNA test for the baby. Secondly, let the man go get backup babe o. This one no love am at all.

  38. BAYO


  39. Uzoamaka onyinyechi

    He must be a dog that doesn’t get his fill on sex. A big kudos to madam Ifeoma for gathering up courage to report her barberic husband to the authorities, i pray the idiot learn his lesson.

  40. FM

    You must be crazy for that stupid talk of yours Uzoamaka, naso u sef dey do for house, moreover ur type no dey stay for husband house…… Wat she should have done in a reasonable manner so that the world will not interfere is now the topic of discourse and debate online…..some women no even get shame. If she pleaded and persuaded the man, he might reason with him and even pity him. I believe she was proving sturbborn with her husband and that is why that happened.

  41. lagos na wa

    There’s no risk for her husband to have sex with her so long as he doesn’t lie on her.And at this stage sex is good for easy delivery.Most women at this stage dont play with sex,and this is true knowledge.I wonder why the woman has refused to allow her husband sex,the problem between the both is not about sex,something is behind this and i advise they look into this matter critically and truthfully.Also if your husband is frustrated as a result of whatever reason,a good woman knows how to handle the husbands stress and calm him down.Most people here say the man should get another woman,this is bad.You’re encouraging this man to adultery.What if in the process of flirting with other women,the marriage hits the rock?as we all know that we have so many devilish young girls nowadays who can send a man to hell and back.Or in the process of this flirting,the man contacts any sexually transmitted disease like hiv?condom is not a guarantee,it can burst.That NGO that has come to assist the woman should do the right thing,dont just read the situation as feminine weakness and help the family get destroyed.The woman has 2 kids plus the unborn kid.Call the man and the woman together,and settle them.Becos if the marriage gets broken,the kids will surfer more,and this woman i see will not stay like this without another man.No man will value those kids like their real father.This matter needs careful attention from both the man and womans family.This matter is not for public settlement.

  42. Vivianemerm

    Arisecute God bless you for telling them the truth,I mean some people amazed me alot! If that lady happens to be their sister is that what they’ll say! May God help you guys!

  43. Diva

    Am reali suprised @most guys comment here,bt all dsame dis a family issue n den both parties mit nt be telling d truth here,so let dem solt themselves out.besides d man married d woman i belive it wasnt a mistake let d both of them find a way n reconcile.D man treat his wife lk his mum & D woman treat d man lk her baby,den d family would be hapi once again.dats my own piece of advise

  44. jacquapo

    Na wa for my Nigerian men o! Look at most of the comments here! I guess how the woman feels physically at this stage does not come into play ? Haba ! Naija men! she is a human being and not an inflatable doll o! Eight months pregnant and you still want to ‘chook’…. if you can keep your libido under lock and key until the woman gives birth and is fully rested from the mental and physical ordeal of childbirth, you are not a man but an overgrown boy.

  45. lorretta

    all the men who are making these nasty comments are fools.its shocking and appalling that any sane person would see reason with this man.what if he’d killed her? men!randy selfish dogs!i can barely control my temper.

  46. Elacious

    I honestly think u r right. The man should keep his agggretions to himself n leave d helpless woman alone.

  47. You see,you all are now quick to jump to conclusion and are calling for the man’s head. I tell you that most men here in Nigeria and else where are going through hell in the hands of their wives.Women have now turned the whole thing against their men that every thing a man does now is seen as being sicked against his wife or treating her badly.Most women of today are from hell,they bash your psych as if there is no tomorrow,they torture you and drag your emotion on the grand everyday without minding what you feel,and that seem to drag out some stupid behavior from the men.I am talking from experience,there are things a woman will do to you psychologically and emotionally that can put you down for months. The question i ask is this; why would the woman denie her husband sex? Ok,lets say shes pregnant or whatever,why don’t you seat your husband down and then explain to him the reason and not by lucking yourself in the room and allowing the man go through all that…Please,please,in as much as i am not in support of what they said the man did,that is if he did it,i want you all to know today also that there a billion and one women from hell living in our mist,when they paint there stories,even the devil himself will believe them…THE MAN MONEY DON FINISH SO SHE WAN WAKA AND MUST FIND A WAY…MAN GO CHECK WEDA NA YOU GET THE BELE FIRST..SHEBi YOU SAY YOU DE GO ABROAD DE COME? WATER FIT DON PASS UNDER BRIDGE..She wan go pass the pickin to him papa by discharging so that you no go find out. Open your eyes.

  48. Just take a look at the woman’s face and the you will be able to read the kind of mind that kind of person has.

    God help we men.

  49. Refused to giv her husband sex…4 wat ? If his eyes ar outside she wil stil complain. Wy not jst do it e no as ur husband. As a matter of fact ur condition needs constant fuck so u deliver lik wen u ar eaten okro collab wit ogbono and fufu. Nawa for u oh woman even if ur husband offended u put him in order istead of exposin ur private family affairs to the public. I de vex oh..

  50. Leon


    AND FOR TimmyTall, I THINK Sam HAS EVEN BEEN LENIENT WITH YOU, COS YOU DESERVE TO BE ……????? (where do pple like u deserve 2b?)

  51. Badmus Obafemi

    Pls just to tell our Nigeria police not to take d man’s case to d extent of jailing d man b’cos if dey do are they the one wwho is going to b feeding the woman & three children?

  52. Who even invited the Police and the NGO guys? This woman, am not surprised, that’s the culture of women from that part of Imo State. It’s too idiotic to think that a woman would deny the husband sex. But in anywan, if na me shaa, plenty girls dey around the corner…

  53. Rayz

    To every action there is equal and opposite reaction coz it is the last straw dat breaks the camel’s back, who knows d psychological trauma dis man must have been subjected to? How did she survived the other pregnancies dat yielded the two kids? Did she mention dat the man wasn’t taking care of her? And who says u cnt satisfy ur husband unless he penerates U madam? Abeg make una leave this woman, she has an agenda yet to be disclosed.

  54. observer

    Abi the man wan take the woman and her unborn child do jazz. Why you wan kill person because she no give you sex.

    From the woman’s account, the man’s business don collapse and he had been battering her only for him to come now demanding for sex with an eight month pregnant woman.
    I dey fear o!

  55. Muideen

    This is a private issue that should not have gone out of the bedroom. The woman must be very silly for choosing to wash their dirty linen outside. Besides, it is both morally and religiously wrong to deny one’s partner sex when he or she requests for it.

    As for the man, oga haba, there are millions of young girls on the street now, it is a big offence to force sex on somebody – whether your wife or not. If she says she is tired or not in the mood, then find some one else.

    Then PM News, please you people can find better news for us than this uninteresting thrash.

  56. This is a family issue that we should not comment on any how. I see the man’s anger but he over reacted by laying hands on pregnant woman, it shows that he is not man enough, meanwhile the woman is wicked on her own side by refusing her husband sex at these stage of pregnancy, why on her ante-natal doctors will advice pregnant women to have regular sex with their spouse for easy delivery,and healthy child. unless health complications are involved. Imagen after staying abroad coming home to felicitate with ur family and your wife denied you that which shows love b/w hubby nd wify, it’s bad, the woman has cockroach in her cupboard, something is wrong somewhere, Unless the woman is suspecting her husband as flirt or the man living with a white woman overseas that made his wife to be afraid of infecting her and her unborn baby with H.I.V virus, that is something they have to sit down 2gether and iron it out without washing their dirty linen outside.

  57. Mike

    This is purely a domestic matter that need resolve amicably, the intervention of this NGO will worsen the matter, because am very sure they can’t care for this woman and he unborn baby, just advice and mediate between them.

    Body no be firewood and to demand for sex from your pregnant wife is far better than womanizing around.


  58. Look here woman you are 9 months pregnant does not mean that your husband can`t` have sex with you. look even if a woman is going to deliver in the next 48 hrs that does not stop her husband from sleeping with her ,it`s not going to kill the baby , you know an hungry man is angry man so women try to blend with your husband its happening in so many house that is the secret of some settle homes otherwise you are sending your husband out to other ladies that are looking for him there is no man that is not doing that so stop washing you dirt linens in the public a word is enough for a wise.

  59. BABY

    I pity dis woman cos she wl regret her actions, she has no parents n her husband is in d police custody, who will feed her n d children? a gud christian don’t report such case to police instead let her go to their pastor it could have been better.

  60. Ennie

    Well maybe d man does nt treat her well on a gud day else,i dont think any married woman will want 2 deny her husband sex knwing dat our MEN always have a plan B outside…. But i’m not happy wit dis woman 4 exposin her marital affair. How would she face him ‘if’ dey reconcile???

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    Bastard woman, liar and big fool? She has been fucking around in Ajao Estate and all over the Lagos, that was the reason why, she refuse to give the husband sex but I believe the problem was not the issue of having sex, maybe she has used all the money that man made when he was aboard to Fuck little boys on the street, that such her puss because when looking at her Bad face, she is the kind of woman that like little boys sucking, God must surly pay you back with bad things because you are not a good person in any way, fucker fucker


    This is a matter to be putting on pm news about sex because it does not make any sense at all, why should a woman will not allow her husband to sleep with her or come inside her room for a while, it means that, she get that pregnant from outside and when looking at her face, she is not a Good wife or a marriage material at all, she is the kind of woman that fuck around but the best for the man for do is this, he could have forget about her and live his own life, that trying to kill her, it does not make any sense at all? MRS FUCK FUCK FUCK

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