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Is Same-Sex Marriage Possible In Nigeria?

Published on November 4, 2011 by   ·   72 Comments



It was early in the morning when in my usual manner I tuned to Channels Television for the Morning Show. They were only repeating the news for the previous day when I heard something on Nigeria legalising gay marriage. I heard the newscaster mention the Senate and that was when I stopped to pay attention to him.

Thank God, it wasn’t what I thought. I initially thought the Nigeria Senate is contemplating legalising same sex unions. But I took a breath of relief when I saw a woman by the name Dr. Otibho Obiawu talking about the government infringing on the rights of homosexuals. I didn’t take her serious as I concluded she is one of those hungry Nigerians looking for a way to survive through activism.

Shortly after, I took my eyes off the screen, I heard the voice of Senator Chris Anyanwu and a CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) representative condemning her action. I was also happy when I saw people at the hall laughing at her like a mad person. I saw mothers open their mouths in shock over a fellow woman who left her house to come and disgrace herself on national television.

Which way Nigeria? How did we get ourselves into this whole mess? Is civilization supposed to take our minds off our values? Why are we trying to lose what we have when those are the things they envy Africans for? The other time it was our deputy Senate president opening his mouth to sponsor a bill to legalise prostitution. Now, it is one woman appearing from thin air with a voice for the gay community. Are we still living in Africa and if we are, are we still Africans?

I don’t care how anybody feels about this and I don’t want to pay attention to what other people think about this. I am writing this article from the view of a Nigerian and African, a Christian, and one who holds the cultures and values of Africa in high esteem.

As a Christian, the church believes solely in marriage between a man and a woman. I know recently we have gay priests all over the Pentecostal, Catholic, and Anglican churches. We all heard about the Nigerian gay who got married to a Catholic priest. We heard about some Anglican bishops who are gay. That the churches are accepting these things and being considerate about them doesn’t mean they are acceptable to God.

We always want to be diplomatic when delicate issues like this are discussed. We all know the truth and claim to be haters of these things and yet nobody wants to call a spade a spade. We all want to be seen as very understanding and considerate beings and that is what has brought Nigeria and Africa to where we have found ourselves.

We have so many things against the person of OBJ (former President Olusegun Obasanjo), but at the same time, he is one man who has respect for African values and culture. He is one man who stands to defend his faith and culture whenever the need arises. A friend feels he shouldn’t have made that comment about the gay couples in Malawi, “I believe that God who created man, male and female, is a wise God, is to me a God who doesn’t make a mistake,” he said. “If he wants sexual relationship between man and man, and between woman and woman, God will not have created them male and female. For me it is an abomination in my part of the world and if anybody practises it, then he must be unbiblical, and anything that is un-biblical for me as a Christian is not right.”

He continued: “If a country makes it a law then he should be punished according to the law of that country. If a law in my country says we shouldn’t shake in public, that of course would be ridiculous, but let’s say that is what the law says, until you can get that law repealed, you must not shake in public. If you say you will defy that law and you shake in public, and the law says if you shake in public you go to prison for three months, then you have to go to prison for three months.”

In the words of OBJ, “homosexuality is an abomination in my part of the world and so I see anyone who is in support of it as a hater of the African continent.” I also know what activism is all about and the way people go about it in Nigeria. People just wake up in the morning and decide to start making noise about something (there are still some genuine ones), not for the good of the nation, but for their own selfish reasons.

This was my conclusion when I heard the woman, Dr. Otibho Obiawu, speaking on national television. According to my friends on Facebook, don’t be surprised the woman has some foreign bodies sponsoring her. This is a typical case of Western influence on our people and more reasons we have to be careful when it comes to training our kids abroad.

What on earth will make a Nigerian woman to shamelessly come on air in support of homosexuality? Even women who are involved in it are not free to let people know they are into it. This action from the woman came about as a result of any of the four things:

•Hunger for recognition

•Some good money from the Western world

•Western education

•Her involvement in homosexuality.

For my fellow Africans in support of this gay practice, I want to ask you some questions: If God wanted same sex marriage; would He have created man and woman? Would you have come into existence if your father decided to settle for a fellow man or your mother, a woman? If you cannot answer the above questions, you don’t have any reason to promote same sex relationships.

According to one of my friends, the reality staring us all in our face is we have allowed modernity to make stupidity of our culture. What I will suggest to the “new age” Nigerians who have decided to insult God openly by defiling the original arrangement is to beware because their end won’t be too beautiful.

Below are some of the comments I got from my friends on Facebook when I raised the issue of the so called Dr.Otibho Obiawu talking about legalizing same sex marriage in Nigeria:


Same sex marriage is abomination before God. I never believed people in this country will,at any time, be considering this issue. I thought it was for the Wild West, but I am shocked to hear of the so called doctor defending same sex marriage in this country. We should all rise up with one voice and condemn this monster; it is an abomination which brings desolation! —Frank Nelson

This type of idea is from the pit of hell to quicken God’s wrath for destruction on every nation that accepts it like their forerunner, Sodom and Gomorrah was. — Samuel John

It’s not an issue to be brought up at all; it is ridiculous. It’s clearly stated int he Quran and the book of Attaura (the bible) that it’s forbidden, “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable. (Lev 18:22) bible? Abd al-Rahman, the son of Abu Sa’id al-Khudri, reported from his father: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: “A man should not see the private parts of another man, and a woman should not see the private parts of another woman, and a man should not lie with another man under one covering, and a woman should not lie with another woman under one covering. (Translation of Sahih Muslim, the Book of Menstruation (Kitab Al-Haid), Book 003, Number 0667).”—Aminu Farouk Gujungu

Some advocates of pure theocracy are correct. What we have seen and are experiencing, in my opinion, is an abuse of democracy. The fact that we have liberty, underscored by freedom of religion, and freedom of association, does not mean a drastic erosion of Godly, societal and moral values. In any community where ‘anything goes’, ‘anything also stays’. I appeal to Nigerians to rise against a desecration of our Godly values.—Elijah Okupevi

A good number of my friends and readers thought she is a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I tried explaining to them that she is just trying to be a gay rights activist and then the comments: Amara, I think she’s more than an activist; she’s stupidity personified! Mtcheeeew! Imagine! We want to be like America when we lack basic amenities! I bet she grew up in a street ridden with potholes. Instead of making useful proposals, she’s busy talking of legalising same-sex marriage, going against the biblical and African morals that she grew up with. God have mercy on them! —Dag George Pepple

Ala gwuruagwu na obodo Nigeria….We like “copy copy” and we will keep on copying the west. No wonder the Haramites say that Western influence is horrible.— C-Jay

I have always maintained that every individual being has right to maintain whatever sexuality that best suits them in so far as there is no injury to another; but to advocate for same sex-marriage is a direct assault on not only our ancient and present values but a threat to the institution of marriage. And to think that in a country like Nigeria where almost half of the population are entitled to up to four wives (traditionally and in Islam) same-sex marriage is a direct assault on the already insufficient number of females; and as comical as this last statement may sound, same-sex marriage is an assault on nature, on posterity and on God. I will fight for the middle one.— Mike Ikem Umealo

We have a problem of leadership and people in position of power are evildoers. That is what we are saying that Western governments are influencing African governments. Yesterday, David Cameron said he will cut off aids and assistance going to countries that are against homosexuals, who knows what our government is also getting from British governmentt. We can see that their plan for Africa is not to ever develop but to perish in poverty and now they have agents like that disgrace to womanhood doctor. We must rise against all satanic forces that want to turn Nigeria to a failed state in all areas.— Adekunle Adegoke

I won’t be surprised to discover that she is just trying to please some Western parties or curry favour and make a name in the Western world as they tend to love and prop up such. — Wale Haastrup

We should be very vigilant and shun sentiments and emotions. This is a serious issue eroding cultures, family units and God’s plan for man’s unity with the body of Christ. Some nations already allow and sanction this absurdity and evil and will stop at nothing to introduce it to fragile and gullible nations with economic arm-twisting and threatening sanctions. Already, a vice-president of a power sharing African country has suddenly recanted on gay issues because of threat of economic sanctions. We should be ready for more and serious battle for what we’ve just witnessed is but the beginning, there are many of Dr. Obiawu already well positioned and doing a lot of behind-the-scene work! They will come back for the main battle in full force. We should be better prepared.— Austin Uwa


In conclusion, I have this to tell Dr. Otibho Obiawu and her likes; you can go meet Westerners like you and join them in propagating your gospel of homosexuality because if you try to bring that to Nigeria, the judgment of God will come and when it comes, you will not be spared.

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72 Comments for “Is Same-Sex Marriage Possible In Nigeria?”

  1. Amen Kool

    A quick question for those requesting for legalising homosexuality, would they legalise robbery? It is the right of robbers to do as they like. If they will not legalise robbery, then homosexuallity is doomed to fail here. Though accepted in estern world, they will pay for it either now or tomorrow.

  2. dsestiny aaron

    i pray that posterity will 4give this so calld doc woman and my ernest prayers for her and her supporters is dat GOD will have mercy on her so dat she wouldnt close her eyes and open it in hell, where she wl groan and belv and it will too late for her.

  3. calorie

    Judah we do not need your sorry ass in Nigeria. Stay your immoral, dirty, diseased self wherever you are situated. the pain and consequences of homosexuality is too high for Nigerians to pay. Aside the warning in the holy books (Qur’an and the Bible), it is immorally and ethically stupid for a country like Nigerian to embark on such a shameful act. Have you asked yourself these questions? How do we as Nigerians tackle the issue of HIV and AIDS, HBV, HERPES and other blood pathogen diseases running around? People still have social stigma with testing for all the above diseases and you are talking about increasing the chance of making all Nigerians Positive to those venereal diseases. Dan Boro baka e Laye!

  4. calorie

    Judah you aiint going to get any from anybody on dis site. Listen and listen good, the days of slavery is gone and we do not need your swine skin pitching on our great and undiluted culture. we do not care about what y’all do over there with your smelly self. Why are you so concerned about our culture and morals? Die alone with your HIV and dont bother to burden us with your shameless acts! How dear you quote the Bible when your sorry ass is against the rules stated in it. Judah get a woman or die trying bitch.

  5. calorie

    Your sorry ass are gradually becoming slaves to the Chinese! hahahahahahahaha! idiots!

  6. calorie

    Dan your ass is gay!

  7. calorie

    Who cares if you are white or green? Stay in your country and do not disturb our peace gay ass Judah! You gat a lot to think about your country than running your mouth about an issue that does not concern you.

  8. calorie

    Crazy! homosexual act is sinful as stated in the two most prominent holy books, so stop spreading wrong information about what you do not know Gay ass murthafucker. Gay ass Judah, slavery by mirror exchange is gone. Nigerians are more educated and enlightened than you expected, and if you dont know anything, sit down and let us take you to school Douchebag!

  9. calorie

    UgoChukwu, Baba Were ni e ooo! with the level of our education, you still call our knowledge in Nigeria bluff. Confirmed crazy man ni e!

  10. JUKA

    I am very happy we still have some people standing against Homosexuality. Amara ,keep up the good work and don’t be scared because the Almighty God is your strength and anybody who tries to do something funny will be smitten by the power of God.

    For the so called Dr. and all those who are soliciting for homosexuallity I think they are digging their untimely graves because the wrath of God will soon be upon them. In Roman 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reproate mind, to do those things which are not proper, Any person that have the right thinking mind and heart void from satanic will not go public to preach gay marriage. For Dr. Otibho Obiawa to come out and preached gay marriage that means she is satanic, Evil and not worthy to be called a Nigerian. My advice to her is that she should educate her male children to marry each other while her female children should marry themselves as well

  11. naubiko

    Hell no!! to same sex marriage!! But for me am more worried about lawmaker using religion when it suits them. We need to imbibe our own culture if you ask me. Gay lesbianism, and corruption are all on the same pedestal if you ask me.
    Take a look at Sharia, cut a man’s hand off if the steals, what happens to a governor when the embezzles money or a pastor in the south who is divorced marrying two divorced couples or have a gay church? Please am I the only one here thinking our country has gone mad!!

  12. Leon

    Word play jude-arse; judas; judahs; judah: arse damage is equal to brain damage. Wide and wild is the way to sodom the condemned and perverted need no visas to go in. Narrow is the way to Naija; we still dey and go continue to fear our God. Amen. Even animals do not practice homo; and a slave is surely superior to an animal and since animals consider homo degrading; an animal is superior to a homo. It is therefore better to be an untampered slave than to be a homo. Please cease sticking shit into your anus for your own sake.

  13. Leon

    Word play jude-arse; judas; judahs; judah: arse damage is equal to brain damage. Wide and wild is the way to sodom the condemned and perverted need no visas to go in. Narrow is the way to Naija; we still dey and go continue to fear our God. Amen. Even animals do not practice homo; and a slave is surely superior to an animal and since animals consider homo degrading; an animal is superior to a homo. It is therefore better to be an untampered slave than to be a homo. Please cease sticking shit into your anus for your own sake.

    In your country some people are born to be homo; and after accepting homo as normal, some people will become born as PAEDOPHILES, AS RAPISTS, AS SEXUAL PERVERTS, AS ANIMAL SEX-maniacs. In Nigeria here we are born to know sex as an act between a man and woman. We prefer it that way and do not need those born other way round. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR WEALTHY HOMO MAGGOT-INFESTED WHITE(?) country while we continue to “manage” this our SANE squalor.

  14. CAPITAL NO. Nigeria should not allow this bad thing, Our God will not be happy if the same sex get married to one another.Marriage should be between man and a woman, not man for man or woman for woman.My God, may your kingdom come soon, may your will be done on earth as it is in heanen.Mathew 6:10.

  15. Tina


    By my faith, I am not in support of gay marriage. My church “Catholic Church” is not in support of it, so Amara, I don’t know where you got that piece of info that “We all heard about the Nigerian gay who got married to a Catholic priest”.

    Pls. I am interested to have the full details of it. I want to get to the root of it in my parish.

    You can reach me via my email address. God bless you for your good work.

  16. Nsiegbe


  17. IFY

    Abomination indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a shameless woman! It is very difficult to believe that a wooooman for that matter can leave her house, her children (she might not have husbannnnd anyway) and started saying rubbish in the public. WHAT A SHAMELESS ACT. WRATH OF GOD IS UPON HER ALREADY, NO DOUBT. THAT IS HER OWN CONTRIBUTION ON THE EVILS THAT HAPPENS EVERY WHERE. ADULTERY,FORNICATION, RITUALS,KILLINGS,KIDNAPPING,AND NOW GAY(HOMOSEXUALS). THERE IS CURSE UPON THE SO CALLED DR.(MRS).

  18. IFY

    Baba grammar, what a shameless human being, are u also a gay?

  19. omoba

    So we have enough people on this site that contirbute so much comment?i cant believe this,when it comes to (pussy and Dick)everybody get mouth,why not make comment on issues that will change life and better and community…awon ode!!! ashawo dede..

  20. free

    Well written! But the Nigerian guy did not get married to a catholic priest but an anglican vicar. He was stripped of his position but still has license to preach. Will check up the link and post it.

  21. free

    I know this post is not directly related to the article but Amara PLEASE write an article on premarital sex. Most girls believe its wrong simply because they can get pregnant or STD etc so once you love the boy and he uses protection its ok. But it really goes beyond that as you give a part of you that’s beyond the physical. You are a wise woman whom the Lord has obviously given wisdom and will do justice to the topic although your articles are mostly on marriage et al, lots of single people love your colums as well. Will look out for it and hope you will write it. Thanks in advance 🙂

  22. Pls with all this i am afraid because of what i am about to say. For i think i would have been better if we can invite a doctor and enquire of him whether being gay is natural or its learnt by men. If it is natural it should be considered but if it is not then we will throw it away. As for me am gay and i grew up being gay i did not learn or seen it from any body before. I just grew up losting after the male instead of the female and i dont think i can forgive myself if i denied it what it want. Is a cheat to my natural urge. I repeat it again i am gay and gay right should be allowed.

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