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Nigerian Stock Exchange Daily Price List

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NSE All Share Index

Value : 25,827.920 Change 0.005% (Updated May 17)

CompanyPrice% ChangeLast Updated
7 UP Bottling Co PLC 46.0000.000%May 17
AG Leventis & Co PLC 2.0000.000%May 17
Academy Press 3.6800.000%May 17
Access Bank PLC 8.440-1.860%May 17
Afribank Nigeria PLC 1.800-4.762%May 17
African Petroleum PLC 20.1000.000%May 17
Afromedia Nigeria Ltd 0.5100.000%May 17
Aiico Insurance PLC 0.9000.000%May 17
Airline Services and Logistics PLC 2.1100.000%May 13
Alumaco PLC 7.7500.000%May 16
Aluminum Extrusion Industries PLC 11.2000.000%May 11
Ashaka Cement PLC 25.460-5.000%May 17
ASO Savings and Loans PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Associated Bus Co PLC 0.6000.000%May 17
BOC Gases Nigeria PLC 8.4000.000%May 17
Bank PHB PLC 1.4800.680%May 17
Beco Petroleum Product PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Berger Paints Nigeria PLC 12.3400.000%May 17
Beta Glass Co PLC 14.0700.000%May 13
C&I Leasing PLC 1.2200.000%May 17
Cadbury Nigeria PLC 21.500-2.228%May 17
Capital Hotel PLC 3.1200.000%May 13
Capital Oil PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Cement Co Northern Nigeria PLC 11.610-4.992%May 17
Chams Nigeria PLC 0.5000.000%May 16
Chemical and Allied Products PLC 24.2804.972%May 17
Conoil PLC 35.7005.000%May 17
Continental Reinsurance PLC 1.030-0.962%May 17
Cornerstone Insurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 16
Costain West Africa PLC 5.4900.000%May 16
Crusader Nigeria PLC 0.5000.000%May 16
Custodian and Allied Insurance PLC 3.000-0.662%May 17
Cutix PLC 2.0000.000%May 17
DAAR Communication PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Dangote Cement PLC 127.3200.000%May 17
Dangote Flour Mills PLC 18.500-0.323%May 17
Dangote Sugar Refinery PLC 14.000-3.448%May 17
Diamond Bank PLC 6.7902.105%May 17
Dunlop Nigeria PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Ecobank Nigeria PLC 4.0200.500%May 17
Ecobank Transnational Inc 15.7000.641%May 17
Equity Assurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 13
Eterna Oil & Gas PLC 5.3504.492%May 17
Evans Medical PLC 1.2301.653%May 17
Fidelity Bank PLC 2.640-0.377%May 17
Fidson Healthcare PLC 2.030-4.695%May 17
FinBank PLC 0.700-4.110%May 17
First Aluminium Nigeria PLC 0.5500.000%May 17
First Bank of Nigeria PLC13.9601.086%May 17
First City Monument Bank PLC 7.520-2.464%May 17
Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC88.0000.000%May 17
FTN Cocoa Processors PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria 25.9300.000%May 17
Goldlink Insurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Great Nigerian Insurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 5
Guaranty Trust Bank PLC16.4202.242%May 17
Guaranty Trust Assurance PLC 1.6500.000%May 17
Guinea Insurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 13
Guinness Nigeria PLC 215.2500.000%May 17
Honeywell Flour Mill PLC 4.8305.000%May 17
IHS Nigeria PLC 2.8100.000%May 16
Ikeja Hotel PLC 1.430-4.667%May 17
Intercontinental Bank PLC 1.3600.741%May 17
Intercontinental Wapic Insurance PLC 0.5100.000%May 17
International Breweries PLC 6.6500.000%May 17
International Energy Insurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 16
Japaul Oil & Maritime Services PLC 1.310-2.963%May 17
JOS International Breweries PLC 2.6200.000%Apr 19
Juli PLC 2.9000.000%May 13
Julius Berger Nigeria PLC52.0000.000%May 17
Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria PLC 42.010-2.755%May 17
Lasaco Assurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Law Union & Rock Insurance of Nigeria PLC0.5700.000%May 17
Linkage Assurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Livestock Feeds PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Longman Nigeria PLC 6.8400.000%May 11
MAY & Baker Nigeria PLC4.3504.819%May 17
Mobil Nigeria PLC 163.0003.165%May 17
Chevron Oil Nigeria PLC 72.0000.000%May 17
Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
NEM Insurance Co Nigeria PLC 0.540-1.818%May 17
NAMPAK NIGERIA PLC 3.6000.000%May 17
National Salt Co Nigeria PLC 5.7604.918%May 17
Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals PLC 1.9600.000%May 17
Nestle Foods Nigeria PLC395.0000.000%May 17
Niger Insurance Co PLC 0.7400.000%May 17
Nigerian Aviation Handling Co PLC 9.1501.329%May 17
Nigerian Bag Manufacturing Co PLC 2.6000.775%May 17
Nigerian Bottling Co PLC 37.5000.000%May 17
Nigerian Breweries PLC 87.510-0.046%May 17
Nigerian Ropes PLC 8.6900.000%May 9
Nigeria Wire And Cable 0.5000.000%May 17
Northern Nigeria Flour Mills PLC 30.7300.000%May 17
Oando PLC 54.850-0.182%May 17
Oceanic Bank International PLC 1.990-4.327%May 17
Omatek Ventures PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Presco PLC 7.2300.000%May 17
Prestige Assurance Co PLC 2.0300.000%May 17
PZ Cussons Nigeria PLC 36.0201.465%May 17
R T Briscoe PLC 2.6000.000%May 17
Red Star Express PLC 2.820-3.425%May 17
Regency Alliance Insurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Resort Savings & Loans PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Royal Exchange Assurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Skye Bank PLC 8.800-0.114%May 17
Sovereign Trust Insurance PLC 0.5102.000%May 17
Spring Bank PLC 1.090-4.386%May 17
Staco Insurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC 10.0801.002%May 17
Standard Alliance Insurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Starcomms PLC 0.7502.740%May 17
Sterling Bank 2.280-0.437%May 17
Tantalizers PLC 0.510-1.923%May 17
Okomu Oil Palm PLC 15.0001.146%May 17
Total Nigeria PLC 195.5000.000%May 17
Transnational Corp of Nigeria PLC 1.060-4.505%May 17
UAC of Nigeria PLC 42.5000.000%May 17
UACN Property Development Co PLC 17.0003.659%May 17
Unic Insurance PLC 0.5000.000%May 17
Unilever Nigeria PLC 27.9900.000%May 17
Union Bank Nigeria PLC 3.0700.000%May 17
Union Diagnostic & Clinical Services PLC 0.5000.000%May 12
Union Homes Real Estate Investment Trust PLC 50.0000.000%May 17
Union Homes Savings & Loans PLC 0.6600.000%May 17
United Bank for Africa PLC 6.850-2.003%May 17
Unity Bank PLC 1.050-2.778%May 17
Universal Insurance Co PLC 0.5000.000%May 16
University Press PLC 5.0500.000%May 17
UTC Nigeria PLC 0.6400.000%May 17
Vitafoam Nigeria PLC 5.500-3.509%May 17
Vono Products PLC 3.1800.000%May 13
Wema Bank PLC 1.200-0.826%May 17
Zenith Bank PLC 15.5300.518%May 17




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