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Man’s Embarrassing Secret In Court: My Wife Beats Me Up

Published on March 24, 2011 by   ·   13 Comments

A 45-year old teacher, Mr Fred Akpan has narrated an embarrassing secret to an Ikeja High Court. He told the court how his wife beats him up anytime they have a misunderstanding.

•A woman beating her husband. Illustrated by models

Akpan had approached the court presided over by Justice Joseph Oyewole seeking the dissolution of his marriage to Mrs. Mariam Akpan on the grounds of hostility and desertion.

The petitioner said he had cohabited with his wife after their marriage on 17 March, 2005 at 10, Powerline Street, Alagbado, Lagos, adding that the marriage had failed to produce any child.

He said: “my wife is very hostile. Anytime we are quarrelling, she will quickly lock the door to prevent neighbours from coming to help me.

“Then she will start slapping me. Pulling out my manhood from my boxer shorts and sometimes after finishing with me, she will lock me inside and I cannot even go to work.”

According to him, he opened a shop for her to operate a catering business but she later turned it to a beer parlour without his consent.

Akpan said his wife deserted their matrimonial home on 12 August, 2006 after an overnight quarrel between both of them.

He further told the court that all efforts to reconcile with her had proved abortive because even her family had told him that she was no longer interested in the marriage.

—Henry Ojelu


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13 Comments for “Man’s Embarrassing Secret In Court: My Wife Beats Me Up”

  1. kayode

    Love is blind.

  2. anike akinmolayan

    Some positive corrective chastisement. It appears the delinquent man cannot do without it. The woman was just helping the man’s parents complete his home training perhaps. This session is essential for all our maladjusted men.

  3. sirgoddey

    Why you go marry woman that supposed to be Mike Tyson’s wife? Are you sure you paid her dowry or is just a road side marriage. You better run from her or chose sudden death.

  4. Baba Eko

    Did you said your wife Mike tyson beat the sheet out of you? why in a hell you married to a woman bigger and stronger than you Akpan? [ Yeye lazy Man].

  5. naubiko

    Please don’t laugh at him na water pass Garri…Akpan carry wetin big pass am….Na greediness dey worry am..
    Make you go see your pastor for counselling …

  6. wole

    shameless man

  7. omoibadan

    akpan take my advice…make you run…o, shame no dey for man wey dey run cross traffic…

  8. TruthBeTold

    Shameless man…(shake my head) go out in public and admit this nonsense? I should go beat him up myself

  9. Ike

    Ode…u no even dey shame..hiss!!

  10. Naija4life

    I believe he fabricated the story to win his case. You all are now blaming him because he is open, what about you?

  11. Blessed AOC Nwakpuda Topeka Kansas USA

    May be this woman was a wrestler before this cave man married her….this is very unavoidable, please Mr. Judge do not dissolve this marriage…Mr Akpan I don,t care if your wife beats you or not, you must continue to marry this woman because” Otara amu evula, ji Ibi ugwo”…He who eats the rams scrotum, is owing “Ibi” or “Elephantasis of the scrotum”… good friend, you have to live with this woman..her problem is now your own funeral,please do not disturb his lordship period!

  12. blame not the woman because she is the pilar of the house

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