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Strip Clubs Back With Full Force, Lagosians Rush To Watch

Published on June 4, 2010 by   ·   48 Comments

• Photo courtesy: Unique Babes magazine published by Club Unique.

• Photo courtesy: Unique Babes magazine published by Club Unique.

• Photo courtesy: Unique Babes magazine published by Club Unique.

Few months after the State House of Assembly in Lagos, South West Nigeria, reopened clubs where young girls danced stark naked to the delight of teeming patrons, the business has started booming again with more Lagosians paying to watch the girls dance.

On Opebi-Allen axis of Ikeja alone, all the four strip clubs that were shut down on 3 November 2009 have returned to business in full force with more girls dancing to a larger audience of men and women.

The four nude clubs are Wallstreet, Club Unique, Magic City and Cazzbah. Wallstreet is located at 70B Allen Avenue while Club Unique is on Ogundana Street off Allen Avenue. Solid Gold formerly Ocean Blue, is adjacent to Sweet Sensation Bus Stop on Opebi and Cazzbah is adjacent to Opebi Bus Stop.

Club Unique has even gone a step further by publishing a magazine called Unique Babes, in which the female dancers’ lewd photographs are lavishly displayed. A copy costs N1,500.

The clubs were earlier closed by the Lagos State Task Force for operating strip clubs in residential areas without permit. Two managers and 33 dancers were arrested and paraded. But since the girls were rehired early this year after the state lawmakers said that there was nothing illegal about the business, it has become business as usual with even more rewards for the girls.

P.M.NEWS checks at the clubs in recent days have revealed that although open sex has been stopped, the other perks have remained in place in some of the clubs. At Magic City last week Thursday and Friday, the hall was filled to the brim as the girls displayed all they could. Two girls entertained the crowd by sucking each other’s breasts to a rousing applause from male and female patrons watching them.

The girls were mostly different from those who danced there last year before the closure. About a dozen belly dancers walk around the clubs asking patrons if they needed lap dance.

One of the girls called Angel who claimed to be staying in Egbeda told our reporter that she is a part time student in Lagos but did not disclose the name of her institution. She said money is the reason she is dancing.

Just like before the closure, the daily show usually starts at about 8 O’clock and gets to its crescendo around 11 p.m. when the hall is filled to the brim. The belly dancers cover their bodies with only panties and gradually undress as they dance around a pole but they no longer remove their panties.

The patrons show appreciation by throwing money at the dancers.

The halls are generally filled with men and some ladies who come either with other men or with fellow ladies to enjoy the show. A patron can request for a lap dance and pay only N1000. The exotic dancer then sits on his lap, touches him and dances with the ultimate motive of creating arousal.

There are also cabins and VIP rooms where a patron can decide to go a step further with the girl. It costs between N12, 000 and N20, 000 with the dancer collecting 60 percent of the money and 40 percent going to the management.

A cabin at Wallstreet is a very small room with one chair where the patron sits and the VIP has a large bed, a TV set, a toilet and some condoms. At the VIP room and cabin, phone numbers can be exchanged for further interactions. The exotic dancers are usually between the ages of 18 and 25.

Usually tall and light in complexion, they give only their sobriquets. They easily take other ladies to the cabin or the VIP if they can pay. It is the same price for both men and women. The girls resume work at 6 p.m. They are free to go wherever they want between 7 am and 6 pm.

The drinks and hot meals usually available and most times, go for between N500 and N10, 000 for the drinks and N1500 to N5000 for the meals. Here, the ladies dance to all kinds of musical rhythms.

At Solid Gold and Wallstreet, adult movies are shown on screens while the ladies are dancing. The show usually ends at about 5 O’clock the next day.

At Club Unique, located in Ogundana Street, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, patronage has improved tremendously, and some of the patrons that spoke with our reporter said it was indeed a welcome development that the clubs have been re-opened.

Unique, as the club is fondly called, has however been operating like a normal night club. The ladies no longer strip, and according to a manger in the club, the move is in line with the resolution of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

The House, while ordering the clubs to be re-opened had stated that pending the time that the strip clubs will be regulated, the dancers should desist from stripping, but said they can continue dancing with bikinis.

P.M NEWS gathered that since the clubs were re-opened, more Lagosians now have the confidence of patronizing them, knowing full well that they have the backing of the law.

Speaking with P.M NEWS, a patron said :”I have not been to any of these strip clubs before, and that was because I never knew if they operate legally or not. But ever since I knew that it is a legal business after all, I have been coming around.

“The way I see things around here [Club Unique], it is a gentleman’s hang-out, and I see no reason why the Task Force people will clampdown on them in the first place. The dancers are not under-aged and even minors are not allowed to come in, so it’s a good relaxation spot.”

—Bayo Adetu & Simon Ateba

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48 Comments for “Strip Clubs Back With Full Force, Lagosians Rush To Watch”

  1. arnorld

    Please, the country may be lawless, don’t let’s add too much of Godlessness to it. Gov. Fashola, the law may not permit you to stop them but the law definitely doesn’t turn loose licentiousness. Some people of old did similarly and were destroyed. Eko o ni baje oo!

  2. Mark

    They are covered by law with regulations and the girls dont strip again. If u dont have stories to give shut up.

  3. Ocheme

    Have we all forgotten what happed at Sodom and Gomorrah? The day of reckoning is fast approaching, we shall all be judge by our did.

  4. stevo

    Peak of Immorality, this is Sodomy!!!

  5. titus wale


  6. tayor

    Leave them alone since they pay their taxes

  7. babatunde

    lawmakers or agents of devil? what is good in this business? its better we trace our roots before the wrath of GOD fall on the evil doers.

  8. Darlinton

    this is pure mkting for free. U na don show us all the place wey we go dey go hang out

  9. francis

    All this points to the fact that we are in the last days so devil is working tierlessly to gather more converts that will go to hell fire with him the so-called law makers can as well be agents that satan has decided to use to legalise his evil in the land and i believe that whether koran or Bible non approves of ladies dancing naked

  10. ado

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm is it true (o boy ) i no go miss am as soon i come to 9ija i go visit the place . FOR MR PUBLISHER THANKSSSSSS FOR UR INFO………………….. I NO GO EASSSSSSSSSSY THE LADYS IN SODOM AND GOMORAH////////////////………..


  11. pm marketing

    I must say that the guys covering these strip clubs are also patrons. What is the big deal about strip clubs? Yoy guys are even doing free advert for us. Now everyone knows where to go for “night vigil” on Fridays. Shame on pm news.

  12. vince

    I think PM News is indirectly advertising these venues for clients!

  13. Duro Piri

    This is unfortunate. I hope none of these people attend the numerous churches in Nigeria? Where are the Churches who preach righteousness? Is this an evidence that the ‘Light of the world’ is not shining bright enough in Nigeria? Please let all those that have contributed to our girls selling their bodies for money repent quickly- the corrupt politicians, corrupt clergymen, corrupt traditional rulers, etc should repent quickly.
    These ladies and their patrons should not forget that they will still stand before God’s judgement throne even if they are licensed by the Lagos state govt.

  14. Mustyville

    The government only helped advertise these clubs by going to close them down initially. Good move! Bravo!

  15. biozy

    you have actually done a good advertisement for them indeed.

  16. fixnigeria

    you just succeeded in advertising these joints free of charge…….

  17. PM news tell us the truth. This clob house don pay u 4 dis advertisment.

  18. malla

    It will die off.

  19. Ola

    Ol’ boy, see free and detailed publicity for the clubs! PM, is this really an innocent news report or a sponsored advertorial?

  20. Why is it that we Nigerians and our leaders like to copy wrongly?For sure the patronisers of these duaghters of eve and jezebel are our leaders in various high positions and offices who can steal money easily with their bics. Also some evil men( ritualists )wil like to use there as their second home.Am sure that a mason man (bricklayer) or a truck pusher can not afford to throw away his hard earned money for the day just to watch a prostitute dancing nude.Why can’t the govt create jobs,provide constant power and security to improve the lives of suffering nigerians.The Lagos state govt must do something fast to stop this.

  21. Good news for the likes of Sanni Yerima of zamfara state(Teens predator,poacher and abuser),ILORI DEJI of Akure(gangstar ILORI,wife batterer,area monarch,and molester of women) ,Theif James IBORI now at-large in dubai(curruption/fraud wiz-Kid/man,champagne drinker,Lover of women with big boobs and hips, Area governor and tout,).The world is their own and they can go there and relax and spend their loot.

  22. well it may be immoral and i really dont support it, but the law is not against it, can i view sample copies of the unique babes magazine and where can i get it,thanks

  23. ichie

    lagos state don collect there share as per person pays them 20% of what the make

  24. kings

    men if i grab that one yansh,na waooo,she go melt,i feel so hot here and i need a woman of that nature,anybody wey know say he sabi the job,abeg make he send me mail amd in number for

  25. Olu Franklyn

    We that live in the Western World are used to this kind of setup. Nigeria should not be different. People who want to enjoy themselves should be allowed to do so. The only thing is, like it is done here in the US, governement (either State or Local) should monitor these clubs and they must also pay taxes to the government.
    If they dont know how to monitor, they should send their designated staff on working visit to either New York or New Jersey States to understudy.

  26. Richard (chicago)

    why is it that we Nigerians never copy good things? We failed to embrace the good roads, crime fighting technics, good governance, opportunity, universal hearth care (just passed in house) steady electricity, quality education. I believe you ‘re out os your senses. Why publish this what message are you sending to your children is you have any. Nonsense!

  27. Ayoyo

    It is sodomy, it is evil the governor have try his best to fight against it ,but the evil men in the house aprove it to functioning,may God help us there alot things we need to embless that is beneficial than encouraging our youths on prostitution.

  28. Tunde

    PM News thanks for the information, locations, Expected services @ each location and prices. Please what about Contact numbers

    However, how much did these clubs pay you for this Advert?

  29. Jaymz

    Are you guys a news outfit? Or an advertising agency for strip clubs. If you don’t have news, then don’t write anything.

  30. B22

    Well, what can I say, all of you’ve got a good reason backing your opinions. I think its best to remain indifferent.

  31. johnston gong

    All These clowns Calling the name of GOD over and over again are just irritating me even more… These dancers are free to do whatever they like, as long as it doesnt hurt no one…. If you feel your GOD wouldnt like wat they do, DONT GO THERE,… instead, MIND UR BUSINESS AND STAY OUT OF THEIR AFFAIRS….. We cloud our thinking with tooo much emotions, and refuse to see that these strippers are only trying to make a living for themselves………..

  32. Hanson

    All this things is lack of work, let Lagos Sate Govt. look after this because an idle man is a devil workshop.

  33. Dozman




  34. isa joshua

    Abi na there your proprietor, Tinubu dey go unwind?

  35. Man Chris

    They are all adults and if they choose to do that, nobody should stop them. Let the state govt come up with regulations to control their activities not ban them. You have this all over the world. Leave them if its the job they choose to do!

    And who is crying of immorality because grown up adults are dancing naked in the clubs? What about those in Hotels and Brothels where prostitutes are being patronised 24/7?
    Whay is such joints not an immoral junction??? Because una de go there go discharge? Which one is worse? Abeg leave dead ppl to bury themselves!

  36. silentwhispers

    I am 100% sure that this is not free advert – 100% sure.

  37. Amaechi

    It is all madness, since the patrons are adults why dont they put music at home and stripe their wife, girlfriend or their sister, evil men and women, on sundays everybody will take front seat in the church. what i see everyday has made me to stop people from coming to preach to me, because they are all fake.

  38. olabisi ojajuni

    this is sighs of the endtime women this days no longer have dignity they do all sort of things for money, women folks should be respected but these days they have mad themselves objects of ridicule, pls young girls out there it is time pls i beg u repent b4 God visits u with his anger

  39. Ojo Ibadan

    Prayer for those who legalised/back up/applause them:
    I pray their female children turn out/ be like those laddies. Aaamin!!!

  40. Ola

    Stop being stupid idiots. All you hypocrites. If you feel so holy, sit your self -righteous ass at home. You dummies are dying of poverty and still being so judgemental & self righteous.
    God will destroy this! God will destroy that!! The countries that have been doing this naked strip joint gig for years are prosperous, while Naija which is full of so called prayer warriors is a kingdom of church rats, with more ‘churches’ than offices.
    You hypocrites judge everything on another person’s religion. If you are so religious why not look to your own indigenous religions such as Ifa, Sango worship. I have never seen a jewish man worship Orunmila, so why do all of you follow follow people chase after their religion, and use it to pontificate. Even though their God has never listened to you.
    Come on be proud of your own things, as Bob Marley said “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”.

  41. CHI-CHI

    Come to Portharcourt and see strip nite clubs operating without any problems. There are so many of them at GRA and stadium road. in one of these clubs the girl will even finger her toto and matubate in the open!! what remains is for them to suck themselves lol!!

  42. sleek

    @ ojo. my brother they are already suffering d punishment. one of the top shots in portharcourt met his daughter dat was supposed to be in school at a strip club. dis is just d begining.

  43. sleek

    @ ojo. my brother they are already suffering d punishment. one of the top shots in portharcourt met his daughter dat was supposed to be in school at a strip club. dis is just d begining. dey will all rip from where dey have sown.

  44. walu

    precise address for yankee guys to catch fun men!!!

  45. kiki

    All these self righteous talk from some of u is making me ill. If u had the chance to go to a strip bar without the fear of being seen, most of u so called Christians would go. So who r u fooling ? definitely not others reading your crap.
    As for the bars, i see nothing wrong in them!!! they dont come to my home. If u really want them to stop… Stop patronizing them!!!!! No client… No club!!!!!!

  46. Benny

    This is unacceptable in the sight of God……It shld not be encouraged by the so called house or who ever….Shawn such illicit act….it’s ungodly

  47. Boogie

    I think people are just being fake, most of the people condemming strip clubs are themselves “sex freaks”. let’s be real to ourselves. life is for livin

  48. david

    how are we sure that these are nigerian girls, bec somebody can not come from one country just because they are black and started tell us that these are nigerian girls and we will believe them all. for me i dont believe, if its true let us know their name and cotacts. then i can say its true.

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